The Dunes Golf Club

Golf Committee

The Dunes Golf Club Committee represents all members of the golf club and are elected from the current paid-up members of club. It exists to provide a supportive, inclusive and informative environment for all members. A Golf Committee representative attends the Dunes Community Club meetings and provides updates to both Committees about planned activities and events.

The Committee Members are:

  • Barry Bowen
  • Bev Gwyn
  • Margaret Stevens
  • Mike Friis
  • Noeleen Mulligan
  • Tracey Mulligan
  • Sue Karl
  • Grant Short

The Match Committee:
The Match Committee will be made up from members of the Golf Committee.  The purpose of the Match Committee is to resolve issues and disputes related to the rules of Golf and to clarify any questions around the local rules and related course conditions if and when required.

All email communications should go to

View the Golf Committee Charter (PDF)