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Update on Erosion of the Spit Walkway

Over the last 2 months we have unfortunately seen substantial erosion around the boundaries of the 11th and 13th holes at the end of the spit.
The council owns a strip of land around the spit but over time a substantial part of this has eroded to the point that in some places this is now in the sea. We have asked TCDC and the WRC to try and mitigate the erosion but they have declined to do so.  As a result of their position parts of the walkway now don’t exist and parts of it are now dangerous.
We wish to advise that we may have to close off sections of it from time to time for your safety which includes not only the erosion but the reality of being hit by a golf ball.
One such time we will need to close this section of the track is the 10th to the 14th of May as a tournament is being played and the course will be very busy.
There will be signage at times of closure and we will advise via social media.  Please note the full track will not be closed and you will be able walk around the closed section on the beach.
Please take care at all times when walking this section of the track.